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UT096 : Universal Range Broil Element, 3000W

SKU: UT096
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SKU:   UT096

Alltemp Universal Range Broil Element. This element is 11" wide x 16.05" long and has 1.875" inserts. This element is 3000 watts and 240 volts. This element has straight screw terminals. The broil element is at the top of the oven and supplies the heat to broiling.

Possible Repair Solution For:
No heat when broiling, little heat when broiling, uneven heat when broiling, element will not heat, element will not turn on, broken element, burnt element.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.

The appliance this part fits is also referred to as a stove, oven, cooktop, wall oven, or range oven.

  Product Specifications
  Width: 11"
  Length: 16.05"
  Insert: 1.875"
  Watts: 3000
  Skill Level: Skill Level 1
  Volts: 240
  Width (in): 11"
  Length (in): 16.05"
  Watts (W): 3000
  Volts (V): 240


Replaces Old Numbers:   012-207, 012-208, 199D969H01, 200315-101, 200315-102, 200315-103, 200315-104, 200315-105, 20102208, 201935, 211537-1010, 220-G002-P01, 220-G003-P01, 37-128-001, 37-432-002, 37-952-001, 37-UT096, 40010-003, 401218-2050, 440046, 500118, 50850, 60-4327, 60-5182, 679D208H01, 679D208H02, 679D208H03, 679D208H04, 679D208H05, 679D208H06, 679D208H07, 679D208H08, 679D208H09, 679D443H01, 729D048H01, 757420, 84399, 85127, 902212, 902359, AM002-005, AM002-010, AM002-018, AM002-032, AM002-043, B01MRAL1MH, BO3000U, CDN10060, CT302, CT310, CT317, CT318, CT331, CT361, CT426, EA056, EO-233-2A, ET116, ET125, ET128B, ET135, ET-135, ET135B, ET138, ET147, ET-147, ET147B, ET155, ET-155, ET155B, ET156, ET-156, ET225, ET285, ET325, ET465, ET465B, KD331, OE30, OE426, OEMMT30U, RB426, RB-426, RB439, RBMMT30, RP44X134, RP44X173, S2971, TI-1-27197, TI-1-27206, TI-1-27231, TI-1-2737, TI-20037-003, TI-20128-001, TI-20128-002, TI-20128-003, TI-20133-004, TI-20422-001, TI-20434-001, TI-20434-002, TI-20434-003, TI-20560-003, TI-20560-004, TI-20716-001, TI-20732-001, TI-20952-001, TI-2-27231, TI-2-27344, TI-4-2737, TI-44M80, TIB020434001, TIBK20434001, TIBK20560003, TIBK-20952-0, TIBK40010003, TIBK4001003, TIBO20434001, TIBO-21081-002, TJUT096, TX-2-5Z12, UT095B, UT096B, WB00M64, WB44M104, WB44M113, WB44M121, WB44M136, WB44M139, WB44M141, WB44M146, WB44M148, WB44M150, WB44M156, WB44M59, WB44M80, WB44M82, WB44X134, WB44X149, WB44X167, WB44X173, WB44X180, WB44X185

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